Best Ombré Lip  

 One of my favorite lip combo of all time is MAC retro matt “all fired up” and Nyx sable and of course lined with a dark brown liner. Easy and simple. 

First I lined my lips then applied Mac all fired up and in the middle of lips add sable by Nyx. Gives me that Ombré effect effortlessly 💕  



Valentines Day Make up

So here is my look for Valentine’s Day !! I’m super excited because my church has something great planned !!! My hubby and I will be dancing the night away . I wanted a sexy look , but I also wanted a look that has elegance . I absolutely love this look .



“Welcome Spring”

Welcome To My Blog

Hey ladies ! I’m so excited to start blogging about fashion and everything girly. I’ve been trying different sites to start blogging and WordPress won me over.  My passion is cooking  but I also like to dabble in fashion and make up . Hey im a woman right ?
So often we think if our outfits are not what we see on t.v and magazines then we simply have no style . That is not true what so ever . Everyone has their own unique style , and it should represent you . We need to focus on what makes us Happy and what we are comfortable wearing . And I can’t forget to mention what pleases the Lord . If you have to think twice about an outfit, well ladies that outfit it’s not meant to be worn. In everything that we do we must glorify him (God).
Today I felt a Little girlie and I decide to go with a simple dress. I purchased this dress 5 months ago when I had my son. We were going to a concert ( lol 2 weeks after giving birth) and I need something big a flowy to hide that baby fat . I really love this dress. I dressed it down with a nice brown belt.

photo (1)

  Did I mention I love SPRING . Wait correction I love the colors of spring .

I just love the simplicity of this whole outfit . Simple is the way to go .


Dress : Target

Shoes : Frover21

Belt : H&M

Necklace : Rainbow